Saturday, September 14, 2013

CrossDressing Isn't For Sissy's

That right Cross Dressing Fan's! , not all cross-dressing boys are cute , shy , and inconstant. Some of them are the toughest guys in anime and manga  history.As well as actual cross dressers in real life.Cross Dressers like these dudes from Kiddle Girl and

And others from Variance Manga and Anime

Boku to Boku 7 Page 10

Reversible! 8 Page 9

ok so they my not me toughest looking dudes in history , but they can really really kick but so you better believe it! Also you guys  i finish the first Chapter of the Fan-fiction series "Needless Cruz Adventures" which is about a Story that takes place years and mouths , after the original story. Cruz is Now 15 years old. And has left Adam.B guild 3 years earlier ,due to an unfortunate accident . Which made him most wanted among the Black Guards.As a result he has spent the last 3 years training in the desert , with his new powers. Only to return to the Black spot in mist of a civil war , as a bounty hunter. And you can find it all out at

And Who doesn't Like Cross Dressers who used big swords in the most epic bad ass fights ever! ,Am I right or what ?"
Also i'm o most done with the" kingdom hearts forever the heart" just finishing editing on it and adding more stuff to it

"But besides that what about cross dressers with big guns! Yea you what i'm Taking about"
"Lucky i'm started  3 more Fan-fiction series with just that kind of cross dressing action in them. But i don't have and idea for names of the main characters in them just yeti. But these guys have some really cool weapons First its

Business Boy

A  Fan Faction about the reborn series that takes places 100 year into future  were the vongola family has created a school of criminals in which young mafia's learn how to been successful Criminal lords ,someday. The series is about young boy whose a high school drop out . Who lives a carefree life of no worry's and no consideration.Who makes his living by steal for low time crocks and sell their loot to the bigger ones for cash. Until he makes the fatally mistake of robing  from a drug lord name El grand, and nearly gets aught , but ends up being save by organization allied with the vongola family. An  get recruit as a Business boy ( or a young business men of the criminal world).Were he Cross Dresses a Spy and lives a double life , as the lovely Miss Nei.

Soul Consumption 

A Story that focus on hiro and  his new of gang friends , which mostly made up of schools newest most lamest, weirdest and normal group of kids.The story takes place a few mouths after the original. As Hiro once again tried to created a School gang , along with his new partner Excalibur the Second, a younger less annoying more polite version of Excalibur , whose happens to  be to be the schools most prettiest boy. But can this semi -normal group of kids mangiest to beat the newest treated to the school. Along with mysterious new power of Soul Consumption.

And Finally theirs

Black Rock Shooter-Blaze Runner

A story about a wipely girly kid whose get bully every day of his life.That is until one day a Ghostly looky ( whose really his other bein from the same world a Black Rock Shooter) of him appears before him one day.  Calmly he can help him with his social stats of no friends and and always getting bully in school. But soon the ghostly like bein thinks their strength within his new friend. Strength that can help saved his world , the world in which Black Rock Shooter comes from.But can this guy really help our main character go from being Zero to Hero , and and can they every unlock mysteries of Black Rock Shooter world before its destroy along with countless others?. find out in all new up coming Fan-fiction

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